Tradition versus innovation – culinary experience in the mountains

Love goes through the stomach – can anyone doubt the truth of this statement? If the breathtaking views at the peaks, valleys and waterfalls and the fresh air of the woods are not enough to fell in love with the spectacular Tatra and Liptov mountain region, you should give a chance to the local restaurants. Nothing can beat sitting down to a lovely meal after a long day on the slopes and trails. Unique dining experiences are offered throughout the diverse region. The are boasts a number of culinary sanctuaries offering unexpected and fresh combinations as well as spectacular premises to both experienced gourmets and laymen alike. Kolibas – typical countryside dining spots serving traditional Slovak mountain food are real tourist magnets. Some of the kolibas can surprise with serving Slovak food in an innovative design. But a koliba is not the only possibility where to eat while staying in the mountain region. There is a wide range of excellent dining options. There are plenty of restaurants with international food and modern design. Noone will stay hungry in the Tatras.


Koliba u dobrého pastiera

The friendly Koliba u dobrého pastiera – At the Good Shepherd – is hidden in the picturesque Cutkovska Valley in the spectacular Liptov Region. It is part of a traditional multipurpose wooden village. Wood and stone – the basic natural building materials of our fathers and grandfathers used in the construction of the Koliba at the Good Shepherd provide the restaurant with a distinctive charm. The stylish interior enhances the feeling of entering an ancient Liptov room of the village of our great grandparents. The dominant fireplace made of stone offers a cozy feeling of family warmth.



Koliba Kamzik

Koliba Kamzik is one of the most popular traditional wooden restaurants in the High Tatras, situated next to the iconic Grandhotel and a few steps from the funicular station in Stary Smokovec. It offers pleasant seating with the typical mountain spirit and excellent home made dishes which popularity exceeds the region. The decoration of the interior and the hospitality of the staff will make you feel as beeing invited to the home of the owners.

Koliba Patria

Do you fancy traditional cuisine, amazing views and wooden architecture? If the answer is yes to all questions, do not miss Koliba Patria along Strbske Pleso mountain tarn. Dine in the woods with the views at the tarn and the peaks of the High Tatras and enjoy the ultimate Tatra experience. You will be overwhelmed by the spirit of the mountains and excellent dishes. Visiting this koliba while staying or visiting Strbske Pleso is a must.



Koliba Greta

If you are visiting the area of Liptovska Mara water dam, you should not miss the cozy Koliba Greta in Liptovska Sielnica, right along the lakefront. Tasty traditional gastronomy our grandmothers combined with modern technology, warm wooden interior with a nice terrace and friendly staff is what you can find at this unique place.


Zbojnicka koliba Stara Lesna

Zbojnicka koliba means „Bandit´s chalet“ or „Robber´s chalet“ and is situated in the small village Stara Lesna below the peaks of the High Tatras. The owners – Mr. Jozef Strojny and Mr. Jozef Bicko – are the legends of Tatra´s gastronomy and hospitality. They are the spirit and heart of this extremely popular and beloved place – whenever you come, at least one of them is present and welcomes you personally. The restaurant offers in total 140 seats and is more than suitable for family and friends gatherings and celebrations. Live music, excellent Slovak meals and some original features which can only be found here will please every hungry guest. If you want to find out the history of all the cut ties handing from the ceiling, you have to visit the koliba personally.

Restaurant Olivia

Olivia restaurant is a cozy, modern, brand new restaurant with intimate atmosphere, situated in the modern mountain chalet Vila Olivia is Stary Smokovec, surrounded by trees and a small creek. Stylish interior resembling the modern mountain cottage will get the guests not only with comfortable seating but also with properly designed accessories, which highlight overall elegance. The tradition of unique gastronomy is connected with the temperament of Italian tastes. All meals are prepared with love, from fresh and quality ingredients.



Restaurant Pinus in Demänova Resort

The newly opened, modern restaurant is undoubtably a true culinary surprise in Demänovska Valley. The light, elegant, contemporary interior and technilogically impressive preparation of josper grill dishes from fresh and top quality ingredients will please everyone who happens to come in. Prepare your taste buds for traditional Slovak dishes as well as culinary expreminents like duck liver with Port wine, a wide selection chef´s specialities, pasta, salads, desserts and soups. The restaurant has an inner area and a large outside terrace near the pleasant bio lake.


Restaurant Sissi in Hotel Lomnica

If you are truly open for culinary experiments, the Sissy Restaurant in the luxury Lomnica Hotel will pull you into the sphere of unusual. The kitchen is run by a team of high culinary professionals who do not hesitate to experiment with unusual combinations of flavours, visual fine-tuning of details and textures. The priority here is the seasonality of the ingredients that are not commonly used in cooking such as fir-needles, hay and many others. Live cooking provides the guests with genuine insights into what´s going on behind the scenes.

Restaurant Panorama

At the altitude of 1751 m above the sea level not only breathtaking views but also gourmet specialities are prepared for all tourists. The new restaurant is situated at Skalnate Pleso, in the building which is also the bottom station of the iconic red cable car to Lomnicky Peak. The restaurant offers Slovak and international cuisine. While enjoying the food the beautiful views at the Tatra peaks as well as the countryside under the mountains will be there to keep you exclusive company.

Restaurant Rotunda

A panoramic restaurant at an altitude of 2004 m above the sea level right below the top of Chopok Peak in the Low Tatras National Park with a capacity of 100 seats encourages all mountain lovers to elevate their taste buds to the sky. Its visitors will be pleased with a wide range of tasteful dishes and by a special offer of the world´s rum.