Ski touring

Skitouring in Slovakia offers a breathtaking experience for adventure enthusiasts seeking pristine snow-covered landscapes and thrilling outdoor escapades. The regions of Liptov and Tatras boast a diverse range of terrain perfect for skitouring, from gentle routes to challenging peaks. Explore the beauty of Slovakia’s backcountry on skis and immerse yourself in the tranquility of silent mountains and valleys. Whether you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes into the world of skitouring or a seasoned enthusiast seeking a serious skimountaineering trip, Slovakia has something to offer for everyone.

Winter season and conditions

With towering peaks, deep valleys, and an abundance of snow, the Tatras offer endless opportunities for skitouring adventures. Slovakia opens its treasures to enthusiastic travelers even in winter, from December 15th to April 15th. You can reach the mountains on a winter hike, or venture out on backcountry skis, splitboards, snowshoes, or crampons. Equipment can be borrowed from local rental shops. When embarking on a winter tour, don’t forget to check not only the weather but also avalanche danger. It’s essential to take avalanche equipment with you for added safety.

Ski touring tips for beginners

Beginners can try this favorite sport first on marked paths for skitouring on the slopes of Jasná, Tatranská Lomnica, or Štrbské Pleso. The ski centers have their own policies for skitouring – routes, times, and fees due to the safety of all participants on the slopes, so it’s essential to check first. Other routes ideal for beginners are routes to mountain cabins such as Žiarska, Popradské Pleso, Sliezsky Dom, and the Brnčalka Cabin. Enjoy using skitouring equipment for the first time on easy routes with views and hot tea waiting for you at the end.

Ski mountaineering tips for advanced skiers

Intermediate backcountry skiers have abundant options to explore in this region. In the High Tatras, you can ski in the backs of Small Cold Valley and Big Cold Valley, as well as Mengusovská Valley or Patria (starts at Štrbské Pleso). In the Liptov region you can do skitouring in West and Low Tatras and Greater Fatra as well. The favorite Žiarska Valley offers numerous ski tours to the tops and saddles, providing stunning vistas along the way. In the Low Tatras you can find perfect terrains and conditions starting in Jasná (Ďumbier, Dereše, Poľana).

Guided winter trips

For more serious tours, it’s wise to go with a local guide who can ensure optimal snow conditions, assess avalanche risks, and provide expert terrain orientation. Additionally, skiing with a guide offers the chance to delve deeper into the region’s rich flora, and fauna, enhancing the overall experience of the adventure. Guides even organize trips with avalanche courses so that you can practice in the wild terrain of the Tatras, surrounded by all the scenic beauty.

Slovakia offers a wealth of opportunities for adventure seekers of all levels. Whether you’re exploring the towering peaks of the High Tatras or venturing into remote valleys with a local guide, each adventure promises breathtaking views, exhilarating descents, and opportunities to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Slovakian wilderness. Have a great unforgetable and safe experience with us.

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