Underground natural treasures

Discover very fascinating underground of Tatras. Beautiful and richly decorated caves catch you by the heart.

The Demänovská Cave of Liberty is one of the most beautiful caves in Europe. This national natural monument is full of underground halls, domes, tunnels and richly decorated ponds.
The Demänovská Ice Cave stands out by occurrence of permanent ice fill, bizarre and mighty shapes of underground spaces, rare cave fauna as well as rich history.
The Belianska Cave belongs to the most visited show caves in Slovakia. It´s famous for its „music hall“ named by the sound of falling drops on the water surface of a lake.
The Važecká Cave belongs among the short show caves, it is known by occurrence of rich dripstone decoration, remarkable findings of cave bear bones, as well as by rare cave fauna.
The visit of Stanišovská cave provides a totally different experience: real cavers are guiding the visitors down the unlit paths with the help of headlamps and show them a work in caves.
Come to the most modern museum of its kind in Slovakia and experience the world of nature from the underground to the high mountains.
The oldest opal mines in the world and the only opal mines in Europe. Today, visitors can embark on an immersive underground journey, retracing the footsteps of the miners from 1775 and discovery of the massive 607-gram Harlequin opal.

Stunning regions that you will not forget

Get unforgetable experience of the smallest alpine moutains in the world.

From Liptov sea, through green fields to the hills and rocky peaks. This all Liptov offers to the visitors.

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