Healing Thermal Waters

The Liptov and Tatras regions offer a wealth of natural thermal springs bubbling up from deep within the Earth’s crust, renowned for their therapeutic properties. Let us introduce you to mineral water possibilities in the region, ranging from large water parks to spas, and even free natural mineral water sources.

The mineral waters of the Liptov region have healing strength and are beneficial for muscles, joints, and skin health. They heal rheumatic and skin diseases, post-traumatic conditions, diseases of the female organs, and improve the functioning of the entire locomotor system.

Thermal Water Parks

The best-known thermal waters can be found in popular aqua parks such as Tatralandia, Aquacity Poprad, and Bešeňová. These well-established tourist destinations offer relaxation in healing thermal waters with bubble beds, seats, massage jets, as well as water-based fun with toboggans, fun zones, and sauna centers. Enjoy a full day of fun and relaxation in the most famous thermal water parks in the region.

Local Spa

The only spa in the region, Spa Lúčky, is nestled in pristine nature and offers relaxation not only in its healing waters but also in the beautiful surroundings, which are soothing for the soul. The thermal waters of the spa cure feminine diseases, skin problems, and locomotor issues. The spa features outdoor and indoor pools for your relaxation, and the unforgetable atmosphere of the spa village Lúčky makes a beautiful waterfall formed by mineral waters.

Thermal Swimming Pools

For a cozier atmosphere, you can enjoy relaxation in the well-known thermal waters of Liptovský Ján. The summer swimming pool Thermal raj offers pools with local mineral water for summer refreshment under the Low Tatras mountains. All year round, you can swim in Jan water in the indoor pool at Hotel Máj.

Natural Pools

Explore the secrets of the region with natural mineral water springs for free. Local natural pools with healing mineral waters can be found in Liptovský Ján, Kalameny and Stankovany.

Drinking mineral springs

Moreover, the region boasts plenty of freshwater and mineral water springs for drinking, which are freely accessible for bottling. The largest collection of different drinking mineral water springs is located in Korytnica. Visitors can stroll among the ruins of the famous Korytnica spa, which dates back to the 16th century, and partake of the curative mineral water from four springs. Additionally, mineral water springs can be found in Lúčky, Liptovské Sliače, Liptovský Ján, and Starý Smokovec. Throughout the region, numerous fresh natural water springs abound, offering ample opportunities for refreshment.

Whether exploring the region’s famous thermal water parks or discovering hidden gems in natural mineral water springs, there’s something for everyone seeking wellness and tranquility amidst the beauty of Slovakia’s natural landscape. Let us show you more secrets of a region and make your holiday in Slovakia special.

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