Mountain Cabins

Mountain cabins and shelters are favorite destinations for one-day hiking trips and hut-to-hut trails. Tourists can find warm food and drinks at these huts, which also provide shelter during bad weather. The paths in the Tatras region wind through deep valleys and beautiful countryside, offering breathtaking views and picturesque scenery. But which cabin should you visit? How tough is the path? Let us show you the favorite mountain cabins and shelters of the Tatras and Liptov regions.


The mountain cabins in the High Tatras are the most well-known and visited in the region. However, you need to be mindful of your physical condition and the weather when deciding which one to visit.

Easy Accessable Cabins

The most visited and easily accessible cabins are those you can reach with the help of cable cars and trains. These are popular destinations for families with kids and seniors due to the variety of ways to reach them. Bilíkova Cabin and Rainerova Cabin are just a few steps from Hrebienok, which you can reach by mountain train or by walking from Starý Smokovec. Skalnatá Cabin is located below Skalnaté Pleso at the end of the cable lift, but you can also hike there from Tatranská Lomnica or Hrebienok. Solisko Cabin is easily reachable by cable car from Štrbské Pleso, but also on foot, and you can hike to the Solisko peak from there. Solisko Cabin is a great choice for mixed groups where some can hike to the cabin while others can take the chair lift.

Easy Hikes to Cabins

If you enjoy walking and easy hikes with stunning views, you can visit one of these suggested cabins, with walking times varying between 1-2 hours depending on your pace. Brnčalka Cabin at the Green Lake offers breathtaking views and is one of the most spectacular spots in the High Tatras. The best starting point is from Biela Voda, east of Tatranská Lomnica. Plesnivec Cabin is the only cabin in the eastern Belianske Tatras. Zamkovského Cabin is halfway from Hrebienok to Skalnaté Pleso at the beginning of the Small Cold Valley, and you can also visit it on your way further up the valley. Hotel Sliezsky Dom**** is a unique hotel in the middle of the High Tatras National Park, reachable from Hrebienok or Tatranská Polianka. One of the routes is a paved road, making it a favorite destination for biking as well, along with Mountain Hotel Popradské Pleso and Majláthova Cabin. The starting points to reach both of them are at Popradské Pleso parking, and there is also a hiking path from Štrbské Pleso.

High Mountain Treks

For more experienced hikers, you can tackle some of the highest cabins, with trips taking up to 3 or more hours, reaching altitudes over 2000 meters above sea level. The hikes to Zbojnícka Cabin (1960m) in the Big Cold Valley and Téryho Cabin (2015m) in the Small Cold Valley start at Hrebienok, and these cabins are open year-round. However, the Rysy Cabin (2250m), the highest mountain cabin in Slovakia, is closed during winter. You can hike to the cabin from Popradské Pleso.


The most famous cabin in the West Tatras is Žiarska Cabin in Žiarska Valley, reachable on foot or by bike on a paved road from Smrečany in the Liptov region. This is a favorite starting point for many hikes to the spectacular peaks around the valley. The summer-open Červenec Cabin welcomes you in the wild West Tatras forests and meadows, with the path starting at Bobrovecká Vápenica.


The shelters and cabins in the Low Tatras are situated along the main ridge next to the tourist path, making them suitable not only for one-day visits but also for hut-to-hut treks over several days. There are many paths to reach them from both the north (Liptov Region) and the south. From east to west, the cabins in the Low Tatras are: Cabin under Kráľova Hoľa, Andrejcová Shelter, Štefánikova Cabin, Kamenná Cabin under Chopok, and Shelter Ďurková.

Which one will be your next destination? The region’s treasures are endless, and we look forward to showing you the best of them whenever you visit. Enjoy the Tatras with us!

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