The iconic Spiš Castle, dating back to the 12th century, stands as one of the largest castle complexes in Central Europe. Known as the Slovak Vatican, the Spišská Kapitula, housing the Cathedral of St. Martin, serves as the headquarters of the Bishopric of Spiš.

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This extraordinary museum offers an immersive journey into the life, personal artifacts, and an extensive showcase of Andy Warhol's artworks, predominantly in the form of serigraphs, covering all his artistic phases.
The Military Museum in Svidník is dedicated to both world wars and the indelible scars for the region. Death Valley in the Svidnik district, where a stretch of road leading to the Lookout Tower, complete with an observatory, is flanked by tanks, heavy weaponry, and forest bunkers.
Exploring the Prešov region, you'll stumble upon 2 grand castles and a striking 14 castle ruins. Ľubovň Castle houses replicas of the Polish crown jewels once concealed within its walls. Visit the extraordinary cluster of castle ruins in the vicinity of Prešov.
A unique complex of technical facilities for extracting salt from the 17th century. Complement your visit to the esteemed national heritage site Solivar by immersing yourself in the historical and cultural wonders of Prešov.
The oldest opal mines in the world and the only opal mines in Europe. Today, visitors can embark on an immersive underground journey, retracing the footsteps of the miners from 1775 and discovery of the massive 607-gram Harlequin opal.
The Prešov region boasts a remarkable collection of over 30 wooden temples, distinguished by the absence of any metal nails in their construction. Four of them are listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
Adorned with charming houses, the grand Minor Basilica of St. Egidius, the Jewish suburbium and the encircling city walls complete with bastions shape one of Slovakia's most captivating towns. Bardejov Spa was also a favored destination of Empress Sissi.
Tatras National Park museum shows you it´s fauna and flora as well as it´s history of protected area.
Come to the most modern museum of its kind in Slovakia and experience the world of nature from the underground to the high mountains.
Havránok is situated next to Liptovská Mara dam and belongs among the most important archaeological sites in Slovakia. It presents Celts´life in region between the 4th and 1st century BC.

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