Mt. Lomnický štít is the most visited peak in the High Tatras. It´s the second highest peak in Slovakia, its summit is 2634 metres above the sea level.

Tourists can reach the peak by a special cable car, which overcomes the altitude difference of 868 metres and the ride offers spectacular views.

Visiting Mt. Lomnický štít is probably the most sought out attraction in the Tatras region.

One can observe and admire the whole beauty of the area also from an outlook terrace on the top of Mr. Lomnický štít. The terrace contains a suspension platform with lattice grate which offers breathtaking views not only around the peak and the valley of Malá studená dolina but also on the steep rocks beneath – if one is brave enough to look down.

There is a caffee bar as well as the highest located botanical garden in Europe on the top of the peak, built among the clouds.

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