Demänovska Valley – the ultimate hotspot of the Liptov region

Nature, forests, hills and peaks, fresh mountain creeks and plenty of possibilities … If you decide to visit the northeastern part of Slovakia and look for fresh air and adventure, you should not miss Demänovska Valley. With its length of 15 km, it is definately the most popular and most beautiful valley of the Low Tatras National Park. Except of the two notoriously known places – the biggest cave system of Slovakia and Jasna, Slovakia´s biggest ski resort – there is so much more in the area what is worth visiting.

The famous Demänovska cave system

Do you hesitate which of the two famous caves of Demänovska Valley should you visit? Let´s make it easy – both of them. First of all, they are close to each other – the distance is only 2,5 km. They are both part of the same underground karst system – the biggest one in Slovakia. Second, they are both very different. The Demänovska Ice Cave is remarkable for its permanent ice filling, spacious, bizarre shape of underground areas. The Ice cave can be visited in 45 minutes – the length of the area accessible for public is 650 m. The Demanovska Cave of Liberty offers grandiose stone waterfalls, cave pearls and karst formations. It can be visited either in 60 or in 100 minutes – the traditional cave excursion is 1150 m long, the long circuit is 2150 m long.



Jasna Ski Resort

Jasna is the biggest, most popular and most modern ski resort in Slovakia and has an international reputation. It is situated at the end of Demänovska Valley, below the second highest peak of the Low Tatras – Chopok. In winter, the resort offers modern cable cars and chairlifts and endless winter fun on 50 km slopes. There are plenty of possibilities for professionals and beginners, including families with children. In summer, Jasna is the perfect starting point of different hiking trails. High quality hotels, pensions, guesthouses, buffets and restaurants with friendly staff are at your disposal.


Tarzania Rope Park

Ready for some fun in the tops of the trees? The amazing outdoor activity combines sports, entertainment, challenges and positive emotions. Adults and children can try to defeat the obstacles of 3 different tracks  – experienced instructors will supervise everyone´s safety. Tarzania Rope Park is situated a few steps from the parking lot below SKI Hotel, in the Zahradky area, 1,5 km from the central part of Jasna ski resort.

Ridge hike between the two highest peaks of the Low Tatras

The Low Tatras offer 840 km of excellent hiking trails. The most popular trail is the ridge trail between the two highest peaks of the national park – Dumbier (2043 m) and Chopok (2024 m). The trail offers spectacular views – you can see about half of Slovakia during a sunny day, including the peaks of the High and Western Tatras. If you are a real hiker, climb up to Chopok peak from the end of Demänovska Valley. You can choose the easier way and simply take the cable car from Jasna up to Chopok and set off for the hike to Dumbier. The hike there and back will take about 3 – 3,5 hours and is accessible for less experienced hikers and families as well.


Demänovka River

Demänovka River is the artery of Demänovska Valley. At first sight it´s a normal stream, but only for those who do not have a closer look. The 19 km long mountain river, which can turn wild after rain crosses the woods and caves of the valley and there is an educational path along its banks called the Story of the Water. The four km fairy tale path is suitable for families with children and elderly tourists as well. There are bridges and crossings along the way, benches to rest and a couple of beautiful spots to take pictures of the fern, moss and magnificient rock cliffs.