1, Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. visited the High Tatras in 2008, paying the historically first visit to a mountain resort ever, as claimed by the British media. The British monarch and her husband Prince Philip were taken to Stary Smokovec and from there with the funicular to Hrebienok – they opened a mountain trail for the disabled there. Queen Elisabeth as well visited the St. George Church in the beautiful historic part of the town Poprad – Spisska Sobota.


2, The Lonely Planet travel guide has proclaimed the High Tatras as the most significant summer destination in 2019. The highest mountains in Slovakia beat well known destinations in Spain, Iceland, Italy and France. „There is something mythical about the landscape of Slovaia´s High Tatras, a lofty realm of crooked peaks and plunging waterfalls where snow willow blankets the ground and fearsome beasts patrol the forest“, the Lonely Planet wrote about the High Tatras.

3, Tourism has started in the High Tatras at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. After the railway from Kosice to Bohumin, crossing Poprad, opened, the High Tatras gained a connection with Europe  and started to attract aristocracy for its reputation as a climatic spa. It brought the need of luxurious accommodation – this is the reason why the three famous Art Nouveau hotels had been built. Grandhotel Stary Smokovec was opened in 1904, Grandhotel Praha in 1905 and today´s Grand Hotel Kempinski in 1906. These beautiful hotels are the most popular luxury hotels even today and provide indubitable charm and the spirit of old times.

4, The iconic red cable car to High Tatra´s second highest peak, the Lomnicky Peak is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Slovakia. The construction works started in 1936. The building of a cable car at 2634 metres above sea level required manual skillfulness as well as hard work in unhospitable mountain terrain. People who built the cable car had to work in extremely challenging conditions. The first part of the cable way from Tatranska Lomnica to Skalnate Pleso was finished in 1937, the second, from Skalnate Pleso to Lomnicky Peak was opened to the public in 1942. The ride itself, as well as the view from the peak is a one of a kind experience.

5, Slovakia is the last country in Europe where some of the mountain huts in the High Tatras are supplied by „sherpas“. Beiing a sherpa in the High Tatras is a certain lifestyle. Do not imagine himalayan sherpas – the sherpas in the High Tatras carry only supplies to the chalets, not the luggage of the hikers. Tourists can meet them during their hikes every day. Usually they carry about 70-90 kg on their backs. They do not do it because they have to – they choose to do it because of the freedom they feel. They believe that carrying a load cleanses one´s soul like the ascent to Calvary. You can learn about their courage from the famous documentary Freedom Under Load.